I didn't have a deep education in programming during my studies, but I decided to learn by myself some concepts and too the concept of oriented object programming.

I only learnt the C language at school, so I then learnt by myself the basics of :

  • PHP (and MySql)
  • C, C++ (with a little orientation in imaging and video with Direct Show)
  • Maxscript (Scripting Language for 3DStudio Max), Python (in progress)

  • Theses some good notions allows me to understand, analyse, and develop solutions not resolved by other softwares.

    My Current programming projects

    Network renderer for editing project
    During my job experience in local tv channel, and by some contacts I had in local channel, I saw that the editor was spending a lot of time that his final edit has finished to calculate. So, local channels haven't enought money to buy several licences of editing softwares, and waiting for the computer to finish the calculation is a huge waste of time. So, the main goal of my little application is to from another computer on the network, to render the project without needing the editing solution.

    Now, the software is not yet in final version and support:
       -Cut Edit, Multi layer(images sequences with or without alpha are available)
       -Audio mix (Volume only), multi-layer

    This project has no more pretention that allowing myself to manipulate DirectShow Programming.

    Video Broadcasting Server
    Project of Video server.

    Research in Virtual Reality
    Research on how optimising a virtual reality system in the goal to provide entertaining solutions.
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